You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...Hi I’m Nathan,

A Multi instrumental composer, performer and music professional from Northern Ireland.

My taste in music is extremely varied as you can see from my portfolio – I enjoy everything from bluegrass, blues, country, folk and jazz to modern electronica, rock, world music, cinematic scores and pretty much any other style you can think of..

I love playing, composing and seeing where the song and mood may take me and aim to offer you highly accomplished, professionally recorded and unique music for your projects that will inspire and take your work to another level.

If you have used any of my music in a project please leave a rating and I would also love to know how you have used it!

Videohive Authors – feel free to use my music for your projects, just be sure to link the project to me and I will do the same.

……Just don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Always looking for a new project.